Shukura “Shak” Holliday is a native of Los Angeles, singer songwriter, and global entertainer. When you hear her voice you are transformed with a soulful breath of fresh air as you recognize her extraordinary sound.

At 16 years old Shukura began songwriting and performing background vocals on a number of projects throughout the Los Angeles area.  As the third of four daughters to legendary vocal coach Doc Holliday, Shukura was exposed to a diversity of entertainment and music. At 18 yrs old Shukura moved to Brooklyn, New York where she enrolled in The Pratt Institute, where she majored in Communications Design and engaged in the study of classical opera. Student by day, artist by night, she began sneaking into nightclubs in order to get an opportunity perform, listen to other artists and further develop her technique.

In Brooklyn, Manhattan, on the subway, wherever she could gather a crowd, Shukura was ready and willing to share her talents at a moments notice. Her first chance at expression led to “collage" which was circulated as an independent mix-tape. While in school, Shukura continued to collaborate on music projects with artists she met along the way, even while traveling internationally. These are a few examples of what allowed her the freedom to create eclectic music with diverse artists ranging from alternative-Indy bands to local hip-hop superstars.

Shukura recently got the opportunity to work with Japanese artist KM$ from the Japanese hip-hop group Takarabune from Tokyo, performing and writing records with the group in January of 2010. Other influences come from the French Electro-Soul group “Outlines” who allowed Shukura to co-write and perform the end credits song “Immaculate” with Achozen for the blockbuster film Babylon A.D released in the Fall of 2008.

Shukura graduated with a BFA and returned to Los Angeles to begin working on her debut album. She seeks to create a uniquely appealing sound; a fusion of music combining a soulful delivery, witty lyrics, and electro-hip-pop beats with a classical structure. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Josephine Baker, Bjork, Beyonce, and Diana Ross; Shukura is bound to share her elemental gifts around the world, so buckle up and come along for the ride!